Process and funds use.
:Collect $300 prepayment for ½ the car users in the United States.
:Catalog 3D reverse engineering spacing for all car fenders spacing to create
water holding tanks.
:Engineering of electrolysis placement inside tanks.
:Start the first round of hiring for employment (City managers)
:Set up installment tent cities in your city.
:Start the second round of hiring for employment (installers)
:Bulk order the manufacturing of your tanks (this creates third round of
employment in U.S Factories for manufacturing)
:Sending out installment dates to paid customers.
:Free Installment with each paid order.
:Create 24 hr installment centers

At a later dater we will start the construction of Refill Stations for HHO
Customers and if Elon Musk would have us. We would like to add car
recharging station ports for electric cars to these HHO refill stations. The
average city will have up to 5 location to refill and service your HHO tank.
Each tank will be fill proof system attached to them so that only service
maintenance employee can refill them @$19.00 a month. This is where we
get the self taxation system revenue from that’s adds up to $2 billion a month.

This is your money America, up to $27 billion a year for the next 10 to 20
years to create a better U.S. Economy. The money we save from gas will help
create more than 1.2 million new jobs in the private sector because
Americans will have more to spend as prices of goods slowly declines.

Investors buy in bulk and collect monthly rental fees. ID&C LLC manages the
It will be a fact that low income households will not be able to get financing or
come up with an extra $300.00  to pay for a Hydrogen Car Fender.  So we
are calling on Investors to buy in bulk and  ID&C LLC rent the tank out for an
average of $25.00 a month. Each investor can make up to $120.00 a year
per tank in rental use. It will take less than 2.5 years to start seeing a profit
on you investment. Rental pricing will vary in some states.
Go see
4,000 Jobs
Go see  
5,000 Jobs
Go See
2,000 Jobs
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Back to Inventions
Designs & Concepts
Hydrogen Car Fender
By Inventions Designs & Concepts LLC
Hydrogen Car Fender
Please Read before You sign up and
make your payment!!
ID&C know that One Million people is a lot of information to process. More help will be
added as the member join up. Our main goal is to create as many jobs as we can with
the 26(+) programs we have got. All donations and commissioning of this product will
help get the product to you as soon as we can. The date for installation will be sent out in
the first week of Spring 2014,
Be on the look out for conformation dates. Reply to any information that you receive that
you have questions about retaining to any news or updated information from us
regarding this information.  
Inside your Fender
If you got a CAR that burns GAS, you will save on trips to the station to fill up. This is a way
for Americans to save money every month. We install in every make and model car driven in
the USA
Toyota:  Ford: Mitsubishi:   Chevy:  Doge:  Pontiac: Mercury:  Lexis: Oldsmobile: GM:
Read this page before you order a fender for the Spring of 2013. 100% Guarantee
What is your make and model?

Yes you will get FREE installment with
your order.

Keep a lookout for  the install dates in
your city.
ID&C will create a Fender Catalog  to list all the 200 different makes and models of car
fenders to help better serve you. We will have a selection of fenders designs and
blueprints to work with.
Our goal is to collect the fees to get the product to you. Hard wear, plastic molds,
shipping, install, location for install rental fees. So buying in bulk, a million will bring the
price bulk purchasing  down for all of the above steps. We at ID&C will organize and
deliver each and every Hydrogen Car Fender 2014 that you order to you.

NOTE: Please remember when you order the fender you will get two (2) tickets which will
represent left and right fenders. You will only be allowed to have one(1) installed that day
at that time with the ticket. Keep you second ticket for a discount on your second fender
just in case you save up for a second car and need the fender switch for that one. Install
a fender today and get the second installed when we services 75% of the customers. You
will get a notice in the mail to alert you on the first and second set of install dates and

Thank you
ID&C Presents “The Hydrogen Car Fender 2013” with massive
installation, dates and location for the spring of 2014. Sign up
today to be the first to save between refills at the pump.  When you
get the time and dates for your make and model of your car, truck,
or van.  Just show up with your pre-paid make and model ticket .

with your advance purchase.
Order today and save in 2014.
ID&C  will construct the largest Hydrogen Car Fender Catalog ever devised
With your help we can build and deliver each and every Hydrogen Car Fender ordered.
2} Fill out member form.
3} Make payment on line with PayPal. Trusted payment and money retrieval  service.
4} Look for your information letter in the mail with your  (2) HCF2014 Tickets.
5} A service date will be set and you will receive notice through your contact information.
6) Show up at  the location set in your city, town, county to have your HCF2014 installed. (have your tickets on hand).

Customers will need to consider if they need to save money on gas at the pump this year and the years to come.
You will get to see first hand of the jobs you help create. The service team will get you in and out in no time.

Now you can choose Bill Me Later® to pay for your PayPal purchases and
have flexibility when you pay your bill. You will get $5 back, plus take until
July 2014 to pay on your first
Bill Me Later purchase. See Offer Details

Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the
purchase balance is not paid in full within 6 months.
After Start up Some proceeds will go to 3D development
of "Free Energy Device NOT But Much Cheaper ". ID&C
would like to test the Theory.  
Special note to all EMPLOYERS BIG and SMALL:

When the cost of living goes up this spring, employees will be looking for an increase in
wages up to
.25 per hour. That .25 pay rise will add up to $520.00 yearly each employee.  
ID&C ask that you purchase a Hydrogen Car Fender for each and every employee @
The Car Fender will allow you to  put off the raise for employees so they can save
$2,400.00 a year+ and you the Employer will save $220.00 (per Employee)
When purchasing GREEN Technology,  you will also receive a
Tax Break from the U.S.

Employers can save with the
Tax Break and that Tax Break can pay up to 30% of that
Employees will save even more when they pay just once a month at the pump this summer
when the price of
GAS goes up.
Employers DISCOUNT & Tax Breaks
One Car Household can save $2,400 a year on gas.

Two Car household can save
$4,800 a year on gas
This product introduction is being used as a tactic by Employers so they don’t need to
give employees a pay raise in 2014. FREE for Employers that file taxes with this

The Hydrogen Car Fender
Help save employers $220 each employee.
Helps save employees $2,400 yearly.
Best choice for Employers and Employees over average yearly pay raise + bonuses
Green Energy Tax Break for Employers.
Job Creation Tax Break for help with adding Jobs to U.S. workforce.
Employees stimulate their economy with added wealth.
The $2,400 yearly savings is per person who drives.
In order to help this NEW STARTUP program ID&C will need the help
and technology of ID&C an it's staffing to help bring you the perfect
product that money can buy.

I give you this, If you don't think that Americans can't build such a
simple and safe to use product, you may not be a true American!
In America.
Sorry but FACT

The average American  
that drives back and
forth to work  will spend
up to $300.00 this month
alone for transportation.
By the start of summer,
you will hear news
flashes of how " HIGH "
the price of gas will crest
this summer.
But it’s beneficial to the Employees the most because it
saves them $2,400 a year.
When using your PayPal card, you can apply
for                                 financing with no payments time until June
2014.                                 If you act now, by the time you have had
your Hydrogen Car Fender installed this spring,  you will be able to
pay for the Car Fender before the Summer arrives. The average
driver will save $175 to $200 a month on gas at the pump. This
product will pay for it self before you are ask to make your first

Best Deals Best Offers!! PAYPAL Financing
Buy this Hydrogen Car
Fender and save at
the pump and the
fender will pay for it's
self in 30 days.

Don't Buy this
Hydrogen Fender and
pay up to $250 a
month on gas at the
pump. In a year that's
$3000...10X's the
asking price of a
Hydrogen Car Fender.
100% Trusted
100% Money back
The World is watching.
100% Trusted
100% Money back
The World is watching.
The inner working are embedded inside a hollow fender
that matches the one on your car. It will be undetectable
when installed. Just a different color.
Inventions Designs & Concepts LLC
teamed up with crowd funding to help create jobs
all across America. ID&C has over 26+ programs
and projects that we would love to STARTUP in
over 250 cities all across the U.S. That's an
average of  2 location of each of the 26+
programs with up to 8 employees running 2
That's 832 jobs each city and we need to repeat
this in over 250 cities.

up to 208000 X 2= over 421600 jobs

Please remember that 90% of the revenue is put
back in the communities we run these programs
Starting point is with the Hydrogen Car Fender,
we need you to trust this Start Up and support
these products that will help you truly save
money.  We need 1 MILLION new customers to
start the SPRING 2014 program.
Plug IN  and the POWER CO.
will START paying YOU
Inventions Designs & Concepts
Partnering with
Need to register over 250+
District Managers.

Each will hold up to 26+ Sub
Small Start up Businesses
X5 locations each in major

With an additional 250+
District Sales Managers with
up to teams of 5 each.

That's a lot of NEW
BUSINESS Licensing to file
and organize.

ID&C will have a job on their
hands with this one.

Small Business  
Stock Commodities    
CorpNet® Incorporation Services
This is not a Verbal pledge program of Help and Support just to receive a U.S.
Government Tax Breaks.

Verbal Pledges of
$500,000.00 to get FREE MONEY from the Government will
not free up the needed revenue to actually create jobs. This is an investment and
you get 3 Tax Breaks for each $300 investment that help companies hirer more
workers. The Hydrogen Car Fender Replacement program will FREE UP
$31,200,000,000 a month  to be spent back into the U.S. Economy.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Going GREEN this Spring 2014
America's $31.2 billion dollars a month stimulus program 2014 Green Spring.
We got the gas price reducing program mapped out so that it's
with Government TAX breaks for Employers.
video platform video management video solutions video player
when the President TAX
Breaks Applied.
Now    Accepting
Crowd Funding.
The Hydrogen Car Fender has Undetectable inner working when installed.
HCF2014 for
individual  single
purchase NOW $300
Investing NOW
HCF2014 for
INVESTORS  Investing
NOW $750,000.00
HCF2014 for
INVESTORS  Investing
NOW $500,000.00
HCF2014 for
INVESTORS  Investing
NOW $250,000.00
HCF2014 for
INVESTORS  Investing
NOW $100,000.00
HCF2014 for
INVESTORS  Investing
NOW $50,000.00
HCF2014 for
individual  single
purchase NOW $300
It’s a strategy that’s being used this year so that Employers don’t pay employees a pay raise
Help me Help You
Create over
New Jobs  by 2016
Check us out
Verification of Business.
U.S Presidential Award.
IRS Tax information 2012
Protection for Buyers
Please remember, ID&C need 1000000 customers or we will be subject to refunding 100% of
your payments.  Watch the counter. Your payment is 100% safe. The last thing we need is a mail
fraud case in over 250 major US Cities.  
Founding total
$300,000,000 Thank you.
Introducing to the U.S. Public a self taxation system designed by Inventions
Designs & Concepts where 90% of all revenues are collected to help the US
Recovery ACT for today and beyond. This is your money America, $2 billion
a month for the next 20 years. Support this by participating and watching all of
our videos. Video watching is a great way to donate money you don't have.