This is a Photo shop rendering of Next level Gaming located down town St. Louis in the old McGuire Building on N6 th
Street.  This location will have a business center for people trying to find a job and have no home computer.  There will
also be food court and dinning area in this location also.  Green Roof top design will be available at a later date.

Looking for $4.5 mill to develop one ware house and build and industry that serves the restless public. Need permission to
submit the total plain.
McGuire  Moving &  Storage   Building
1333 N. ^ th street
St,  Louis ,  Missouri   63106
$3mill for 5 Wear House
A product of Inventions Designs & Concepts.
This is a quick rendering of the gaming experience  of the future.
The other  Billion industry.
Revenue will be $17, million yearly per location in 250 major cities.
By Tyrone Austin

Inventions Designs & Concepts

Tyrone Austin
Business GRANT Submission


The Billion Dollar Industry

Inventions Designs & Concepts

Greetings From Tyrone Austin
I would like to introduce to you my business pain called Next Level Gaming. (NLG). This business will show you offer you a
glimpse into the next level of Video gaming experience. The total gaming experience Inventions Designs an Concept are
looking for 5 million to start this project that will bring in 7 million to 14 million dollars in revenue yearly.
Mission: the next level gaming facility consent of personal hotel rooms with just the living room quarts with projectors
beaming on two way projections screens (rear projectors screens). The projectors screens will be place on wall window
allowing on lookers on the outside to see what is going on an the game that they are playing. People that pass by can see
what game that they are playing will provide free advertisement.
The markets we plan on typing into made 19 billion dollars in 2009 and we hope to capital on the people that own Play
station, Xbox, and Wii. Our major market is to those that do not have these game system collecting turning it in to our
revenue. One of our main goals is to collect 10 % of the top 3 gaming systems and 40% of those who do not have one.

We will be using hi resolution projectors, basic and modern living room furniture in our room setting. Room rates for gaming
entertainment with start at 25 dollar for 2hours game play time.
The idea location for this project is  1333 North 6th Street  in St.Louis city. This location has 5 warehouses and the
warehouse we will be using will consist of 5 floors. The ground floor will host a business center, computer lounge, resource
center for the job market, mini office rental for small business.
The 4 floors above it will host the four major gaming systems. Each floor will host only one game system. Example: second
floor Wii, the 3 floor Xbox, and 4 floor Play Station. The 5 floor will host the most popular gaming systems out of the 3, split
it up if needed. Each floor will have its own restroom, restraint, upload stations, and concession. Each floor will hold up to
46 privet gaming rooms. All the gaming systems will be located at the upload centers and not in the rooms giving us total
control of the games that the guess will play. We will have a complete selection of games in our collection for the guess to
choose from in order for the guess to play for the 2 hours that they pay for. All rooms time will be put on membership card
or play card so that if they cant complete there 2 hour or more they can come back to complete their session. These time
cards can sold as gift card at rental store or online.

Room designs
Room designs will be simple and sound proof. Surround sounds systems will be in each room to enhance the playing
experience allowing the guess to play as loud as they want to. Each room guess will have the options of playing against
another room or playing online.

We recommend using local workers to keep the construction cost down. I will use my 10 year experience in building
maintenance and construction to complete these basic electric and wall construction. Some contractors will be needed but
only when it is require to pull permits from city hall.

Building Title
NLG Next Level Gaming  
1333 North 6th Street  located down town St. Louis North End
The block is for sale for 3 million dollars. This block consist of 3 two storey building and 2 five storey buildings and 3
parking lots sitting on 3.5 areas (see abode file).This building also has two heavy capacity freight elevators. The fire
compression system is still intact and operational. The warehouse that we are not used at this time can be sold to help
finance other projects.
The top 3 floor are visible from the MLK Bridge heading west into St.Louis and the new bridge under constructions North of
our location. The building is also visible from highway 70 going North and South bound.

Exit plan
All building can be resold on today market if needed alone with merchandise an furnishing.

Closing statement
By placing projectors facing the windows we will allow a lot of curiosity of the thousands of people that will pass by this
building a chance to see the Next Level Gaming experience. This will allow them to have the erg to come visit our facilities.
We hope that you will consideration in this project that can be duplicated in over 250 city across the  USA . The revenue is
there to be made in this new industry.
Thank you for your time please feel free to contact Tyrone Austin
Inventions Designs & Concepts

Solving St. Louis City Homeless Problem

We at ID&C see the homelessness problem as a thing of the past in the next 5 years.  By constructing sleeping capsules or
sleeping pods we can solve this problem quick and fast after we secured the location and build a prefabrication plant to
produce these pods in section and assembling them on location.
In order for this to work we will need location and fabrication physicality. Having this system adapt to tractor trailer will not
be a hard task once we have our design team fit them to the size to the trailers.  

Sleeping pods can be long team on short term housing for the needy  or distressed  individual who need housing quick
and fact with out all the shifting around  from location  to location. We can have individuals who need emergency housing
to just show up  or with an referral.

We understand getting people off the streets and into a secured place of living are a task but we feel we can handle the
job of making this a thing of the past.  

All sleeping capsules and pods will be state of the art and fully functional, you privacy will be kept intact at all time with draw
curtains you can pull back over you door opening,

These fiberglass structures with wood grad paneling will look great and fell roomy. With enough head room to maneuver
around and all the amenities of you very own bead room will make you feel right at home quick and fast.

We see our strictures for single person living or up to 5 rooms in one unite.  Each floor will be equipped with single
bathroom or Unisex bathrooms at either end or the halls.  The designs for the fully useable bathrooms will be available at a
later date.  

ID&C are looking towards the future, we see this homeless program as being the way of the future, We see this location as
being the tool that will help us in lowering the coast of rent for sections of the city of St. Louis that we need to reconstruct
and remodel, This will be the best way of emptying out entire neighborhoods to accomplish a major construction task,  
Looking towed the future is the keep to growing in the city, we see that having things in place waiting for emergency use is
very important for the Homeless situation in this city.

Simple task and solutions to solve BIG Problems

Thank you for you time,

Job Creation Programming for Revenue
$7 billion a month

Inventions Designs & Concepts LLC

Tyrone Austin
Invention Designs & Concepts
4747McMillan Ave Suite 2
St.Louis MO. 63113

Feel free to flip through my web site. - -


What you are about to read is an outline, the President of the United States asked Americans to do in order to stabilize the
U. S.  economy.   We at Inventions Designs & concepts will build a company that will fulfill all the options of the President
requirements to:

Create jobs
Put people to work
Use GREEN technology
Build a recycling Plant
Build Manufacturing Plant

In this business plan I will show you how we plan to use my designs and concepts to perform the above mentioned.  

With any business in a start-up phase we will need funding. You will see how the revenues will be made. We feel that this is
a win-win program.

See how we plan on putting new jobs in 21 major sectors.
Lawn Care Service,  Maintenance Service, Construction Team,  Installing Team,
Labor Team, Recycling Team, Neighborhood Construction, Neighborhood Designs,
Monetary Recovery Systems ....
Free Energy Devices... Program designing,
Home Building, Business Structure, New Business Constructions & Designs. Advertisement & Information Service...   
Homeless Shelter Designs... Winterization Team (Tax Break)...
Alternative Transportation Service...  Home laundry Service... Home Ironing Service... Neighborhood Alley Service...
Neighborhood pre buy Food Stores

We will show you how we plan on providing vendors with the tools to make up to $2,000 monthly by using 50cc scooters with
ice cream carts designed by ID&C.

The carts are  especially designed by ID&C, with fold out end tables that has extension poles with stools attached to them.
No one in the market has such product that can perform as our product.

ID&C will reproduce this start-up program in each of the
251 major cities in the USA. Creating up to 35 jobs in each city and
more. The jobs we create will help start/fund the second phase of our project.

The second part of this project will be in the rental industry. We will be renting special
designed 50cc scooters to the people
who use public transportation for the price of a monthly bus pass along with an additional
Insurance payment that will provide road side assistance.
Funds from the two scooter ventures (vendors and renters) will be used to open a recycling center designed to recycle our

Our custom designed bikes will be unlike any other scooters on the street, which will be uniquely visible to us and our
customers. This allows us to collect them if monthly payments are not made.

We will make the promise to recycle any and all of our bikes that are 3 years old or older. We will reuse the scraps to
reproduce new 50cc bikes here in the U.S.  We will do this by building our own manufacturing plant in the USA which will
wing us off of buying from our Chinese manufacturers, as asked by the President of the USA.  We will receive Tax credit
breaks from doing this which will encourage Americans to shop and rent from us.

As you see we will become a product with in our own realm in this company. We will provide a perishable product for the
consumers that will extend from ice cream to donuts; pizzas; water and general house hold disposable products.

These products will introduce the 50cc scooter and special designed carts by ID&C to bring the product directly to the
consumers’ door steps.    

ID&C wishes to get this project started by the spring of 2011 so we can jump into the 50cc rental business. Like a lot of
businesses, the startup timing is important. The money raised in the spring will help bridge the connection to the rental
industry. The recycling and manufacturing will come 3 years after we are up and running so that ID&C can stop sending
money to over seas companies. Something that the USA President so badly wants US companies to do. This part of the
business will benefit us in the long run when it comes to tax breaks.

We at ID&C  want to start at the top of the hill and slowly roll down to build up our momentum. This allows the company to
prove itself in one part of the program before moving on to the next stage. By buying in bulk we can keep our purchasing
prices down to increase more jobs and expand to more cities.

The sum we are asking for $7,000,000 to start.  Purchases will be over seen by our financier to prevent any mishaps in
spending. In dealing with overseas manufacturers, a hands on approach is best to ensure that our product(s) are made
correctly the first time and shipped to the correct location. We picked a company that was referred to us by the Department
of US Customs and have their DOT and EPA specifications and will make it through US Customs with out any delays.

With the backing of $7,000,000 we can re-pay the entire sum back with interest in 1829 days. Why and How? We will be
introducing a perishable non reusable product that just about every one will come to love. “DESIGNER ICE CREAM” not just
frozen flavor ice water or quick melting soft serve, but good ice cream along with good service and a place to sit and eat it
on hot summer days.

Thank you
Tyrone Austin
Inventions Designs & Concepts.  

The pay us as we go plan.
No need to panic on the over all sum asking to complete this project.
We at ID&C are just asking for the chance to prove this system and type of programming. We are asking for the chance to
be to be funded by  the revenue to get the 600(+) jobs up and going but we strongly believe we can do more. We think

This is my 10th year quest in creating jobs in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. We at ID&C would love the have the chance to
do just that. After years of trying to snow ball roll a small sum of money that we invested into this company to try to turn it
into a Million dollar company with a few hundreds employees working to make this world a better place. We have over 20
different fields that will specialize in as you will see listed further on in this grant proposal. The job markets we will be
entering in are designed to meet the customers’ needs.
ID&C had devised a service plan that will create opportunities for people with disabilities, housing needs, employment skills,
and neighborhood development. Designing programs that work for the greater good of the community.
ID&C has forecast that if we could get 3000 city blocks to join in this effort, we can create 600 jobs in the city of St, Louis
By allowing us access to funding, we can create service plans for people that have those skill already but don’t know who to
put them to work for them selves. Then we found out that a lot of people have that same problem of skills and no work.  So
we will put the shoe on the other foot and take the people and create the business around them, then satisfy the need of the
For Example: We found 3 women with disabilities washing clothes with their own washer and dryers. We have designed a
Pick up or Drop off Laundry service that charges $5.00 per load.  We can see this service picking up to help people save on
transporting the clothings and doing the work for them.  We have taken the cost of fuel and time and effort out of the
equation for the customers and do it all for them. I see 10 new service providers in their field by summer 2011 end.

We take people skill and build a persona around it to help make these services desirable.

We at ID&C has decided  to stop calling these position "Jobs" and start calling them “service providers." The word job
sounds like too much work.  So pleas don’t be surprised that you only see the word job in the first part of this grant proposal.
ID&C hope to receive founds from all the sectors that are presenting them. We are looking to accept funds from CDBG,
HOME, ESG. We can perform in all of these sectors with great achievement and results. ID&C will be asking for funds to
develop and house a prefabrication department to help with the Homeless Problem in the City Of St. Louis. Wiped out in 2
year of being no problem any more.

We hope to receive founds for building housing that use the rent receive to help build more housing and pay the
construction teams for a service  well done. IDA& see 20 construction providers building you 4 home a month in the near
future. Rent will be lowered to help drive  rent cost down around the city. The housing appraisals will still be in the correct
range  but rent will be so low. This will arguably drive renters from the occupied homes into the lower renter homes. The
competing landlords and reality owners will need to drop their prices to compete.
We hope to encourage our communities in joining together to help these programs work and the reward will be that we will
save you money and time.

II. Need Statement
We need financial support to help these goals come to past. We feel that we need additional resources and staffing. A
building to house all of the making of a useful business that put people skill to work for them. We are asking for $7 million
We see some great business opportunities here in the city of St. Louis. We can see ourselves tapping into the city Gaming
market and the city homeless market. By using some of our programs and developmental  ideas, we can turn that $7million
dollars into ½ billion by 2012 years end. Yes we have the location for the service in mind.
All the information we have provided will help make the case.
We hope to tap into the $10 Billion dollar video gaming industries  and create dozens of full time jobs all across the United
We hope to tap into the Homeless market buy building and prefabrication of “Japanese Sleeping Pods” but US styles. We
will be able to house people temporally or full time all year long. Yes we have the location in mind for this service.

ID&C will need a storage location to house the products that will help get the 20 different service plans in to action. We are
looking at two locations for these businesses. One location is down town and the second location is Mid City.

Please see the list of Items we will need to help get these programs up and running at full speed.

A. Description of specific problems targeted
. Target Problem (employment)  We can grow as big as we need to with the proper advertisement.  We understand that so
we have devised a system that will allow us to create  vast wealth for some of the ventures we will set forth in. These
ventures will generate large sums of money to help  create and supply the future employees  the funds that they will need to
help them get to where the service needed to be preformed.  It will help grow small up starting businesses.

B. Previous actions to deal with this need
Research was done on the revenue of some of these major companies.  We have decided to approach the customer before
they can make it to the market place. Offer better services and fulfil their needs.
ID&C has seen the numbers from the gaming market. We see us obtaining 10% of that market by 2012
We seen the numbers from the Public Transportation Market, We hope to have 10% of that market by 2012
We have seen the Vendors make untold billions in food and beverage markets. We hope to get 10% of that market also by
the year 2012.
With a great way into all three of these markets, we see our company earning ½ billion each year and growing.

C. Supportive data/information verifying the need
We have seen companies collapse because of fuel problem and over head costs that run up the price of the good and
services.  We have seen this many of times and have designed work locations that are out of the home until they can build
into a bigger place. We hope that one day we will move all of our small companies into one big location but we need your
help first.
D. Approach and benefit.
The approach we have to solve the transportation problem is that we will use 50cc scooter at out own designs and specks.
Our 50cc bike will be designed for all year round use.
We will turn the 50cc scooter business into a RENTAL business with 5 locations all around the city and moving into the
county as well.  Revenue from the use of these 50 cc bikes will be used to create more services and build homes.

During the product funding stage we will be completing our business transactions with secure the locations for the services
we will be providing.
A few trips to oversee the work with the 50cc bike designer  will be needed, ( all bike will be a special design  for vast
III. Plan of Operation
. Please,  we at ID&C hope to enlist hopeful service provider and their skill to fill the need of the communities. We have a
over whelming supply of unemployed worker who hope to be allowed to provide a service for their employee.
We will start will construction crews and redesigning of any locations we have this pleasure of occupying.
One of our main goals will be supplying the service provider with the items they will need to help make this project work.
Transportation will be a key issue.
Securing the location and supplying the workers with the products they will need to help make this work.
A. Project design
Providing a services for the people is how this program is set up to work.. We build a product and invite people to join in if
they enjoy saving and relaxing while they are saving. . Please see any of the 20 different programs and sections we have
set up to help make this program work. We cover homes to gaming. All our income generating services.
B. Project structure
This presents the project you have planned in a systematic fashion. It highlights four essential components: goals,
objectives, activities and time lines. Project structure will look like this: We at ID&C are asking for $7,000,000 for a 5 year
contract to create 600 new jobs.   That will come out to $6.40 per hour a day per worker for 5 days a week. It comes out to
$2,080 a year per worker to be employed for 12 months.
That number comes out to 1.2million a year to help keep 600 workers employed.

Think about how much we shell out for unemployment each month. But when you shop in bulk and create an industry like 50
cc Scooters and building a manufacturing plant in 5 years to produce them ourself.  The Chinese did it and the Japanese
did it. Why not us also.
1.                     Goals:. We at ID&C see a wide variety of new and better industry. We hope to create a
Gaming runoff of
what you can't do at home. We at ID&C are looking to start our own industry in the renter market with work vendor tools that
are efficient and affordable. Creating your own industry is  key to long stability in the service providing industry.
2.                      We are offering to solve the
housing problem that will keep growing if we don’t check it.  We are offering to
create ventures inside the service sector and create the much needed employment the population asks for. We at ID&C will
mass produce emergency sleep pods and Housing units for emergency living. We wish to be setting up to reach our gals of
4 Homes  a month once our infrastructure is up and running.  We want to be in the position to ship out emergency Pods any
where in the USA or all around the word if needed.
4.                     Objectives: Specific and measurable statement which tell who, what and when and how all the intermediate
state that must be taken in order to achieve a goal. There should be at least two objectives for each goal. There are usually
"product" and "process" objectives. Product objectives relate to outcomes and process objectives identify milestones to be
accomplished over the course of the project.
5.                     Objectives for our goals at hand.
6.                     First we need to have funding to grow.
7.                     Work force will come next.
8.                     Creating a secondary money source by creating the simple jobs first
9.                     Getting to the suppliers and placing orders.
10.                  Art work and design will help build the best tools to assist the workers.
11.                  Secure the storage locations. Two in mind 1. Kingshighway and 2. Delmar
1333 North 16 st. Down town St.
12.                  Check order form in person.
13.                  Secure the product shipments.
14.                  Have our team start assembling the product and hire more employees.
15.                  Location at
1333 N.16th Street is secured first we will like to start framing for the Gaming service.
16.                  Promotion and revenues will be seen at this point.
17.                  Money raised for the Carts assembled at the Down town location we will then maximize our work for  having
advertisement and product distributing at the same time.
18.                  We see 12 months at the location down town before opening for business. We will see 10% of the gaming
industry in 3 years.
19.                  While exploding into the new gaming market with the 3D games becoming more advance. We will be directly
in the middle of it.
20.                  Homeless development will be at this same location Downtown. We will have a warehouse big enough to
frame out home and create fiber glass sleeping pods for the emergency service.
21.                  We will be supplied in two ways when it comes to materials. First we will depend on vendors, then we will
graduate to direct pricing with the manufacture or raw good ourselves. Collecting the information to accomplish this task will
grow with the company.
22.                  To be able to keep up with the 4 homes a month the cost will only comes out to around $35,000 per home.
The base for the project will be covered but the prefab service from the warehouse.
23.                  We hope to be able to work at a fast and safe pace to keep up with the demands that govern these services.
24.                  We at ID&C see the Gaming completed in 1 year
25.                  We see the Homeless community built in 6 months after the gaming is completed.
26.                  We see ourselves  working over 1000 city block in the first year.
27.                   We see that double the following year.
28.                  We see that 4 homes a month doubling after the first 70 are constructed.
29.                  We also see all of our programs supporting themselves after 2 years. Why? We got to imprint the message
and word to the people about the services that are servicing the community, once that is in stored in the citizens mind , they
will shop to help and spend to support, and move to a new location to help out. Putting the community in the program is a
30.                  We feel that in 4 years every one will know someone in this program.
31.                  We think it will help connect with the employment service department all across the USA.
Pace ourself with the growth. Securing the location to help the following projects is most important with a project like this and
all in one location will be most favorable.

We have agreed to a payment plan that will help us migrate into the services that we will be organizing and providing. We
have accepted only $19 a day for our service until we can turn this plan into a accomplishment.

Tyrone Austin , Designer, Marketing, Director,
Home (314-534-0708

V. Evaluation Plan:
A process (formative) evaluation  plan is to organize our groups under one system. We will advertise together and grow
together. Once we have the components in place we can grow into a job creation entity.
B. Product evaluation
This is a pre view of the Product and service that Inventions Designs & Concepts has to help the community grow. These
products and services will focus in creating a strong reliable source of income. The over all success will depend on getting
the public to back new ideas and some old services.
One key to making a good program like this to work will need to help the residents and customers save money. Designing
programs that help you save gas is a big market. Being able to save up to 40% on fuel would be great. To help cut out the
cost of traveling.  To help save on phone and T.V.  service, to introduce people to the internet to pay bill and shop so they
can save and help paperless transactions. To help people save on their Power Bills. To help make the residents see that
community is power.

The people performing these services will and can be transferred to different locations, depending on their work description
and job performance. Job placement is a great part of these programs and services we provide. A  carpenter that can’t cut it
may need to be a laborer until that person can acquire the skills to help them advance in the field. We understand we will be
dealing with some people with disabilities. . We will base a job for them and their needs and limitations.

One of our main goals is to be a 20 year service provider for the city of St. Louis and its residents. By allowing us to grow,
develop, and work with you and other organizations we can spread these goods and services to many for years to come.  
We have to help them save money  and we have listed 19 products and services to grow and develop in the next 5 years
with many more to come.

Lawn Care Service
We have developed a lawn care service that provides order and service.  Most lawn care services runs from place to place
run out much need fuel. ID&C developed a Community Program that helps you save them more than 9 but not less than 10
sign up on one city block for this service. The discount will be passed alone for the lack of traveling from location to location
scattered around he city. This lawn care service will rotate up to 5 block in 5 days mowing lawns in this fashion  in that area  
that day  twice a month.
We will be going one step further with lawn treatment and landscape as this division grows.

We hope to call a city wide lawn care service meeting to discuss the manner of where everyone work and who they serve.
We will be offering trading of routes to help each other service saves on fuel and time.  With the help of the city of St. Louis
wan can make this restructuring work.

Maintenance Service
We have a Maintenance service that will provide maintenance to the community. The maintenance plan will have tow
individuals that will work as a team, this team will maintain up to 10 people on each city Block; they will rotate out to five
connecting blocks each week. These blocks will be maintained with one interior service and one exterior service. The
maintenance service will be part of the lawn service.
ID&C feel if you cut the grass you can see what’s wrong and get to learn the properties you will be servicing.

Construction Team
The Construction team we will assemble to learn how to grow. They will be working in many different fields like framing out
home, factory pre framing, home building, The construction team works under a different policy than maintenance and lawn.
Construction consist of a lot more work.  Most construction jobs will take more out of a day than maintain quick patch and
paint job. These jobs will be created as the work flows.  As the project grows the construction team will lead the way. The
construction will help build the foundation that will make this project work.
Please note before any person can be paid for any services they must work a 3 day test period to be evaluated. Upon
completion of a successful evaluation survey, you will than be given a worker "Dog Tag" to show that you’re a dependable,
reliable, trusted, service provider.
With each new field the service provider completes, a different color tag will be presented to them. Each tag represents a
completion in show of work ethic and service. Completing tasks quickly and smart. Never having to do the same job twice.  
This system will allow different division  to hire on employees  with knowledge and experience. Some tags will cover all fields
making the owner a very important person in our small business team.

Installing  Team
This is the team that installs what they have constructed in the factories. We hope to grow into a networking system that will
allow us to have finish product delivered to a location and have these people come and install them. These teams will be
sent into sections and groups. Installing  walls, windows, AC, pumps, hot water tanks.

Installing teams are needed to help in projects.  They are needed sometimes when fall behind in productions.  Installing  any
and all product. (No building required)

Labor Team
We understand that every one can’t do HAVC and most of the service providers will just join on to the Labor team  to make
extra money. So when there is a city back yard fencing that is needing ripping out, the labor team is ca;;ed.  We see them
working hard in the future, loading and unloading storage containers. Built and design by Construction team, Designed by
the Design Team. A hard worker is hard to find.

These teams work hard and need a second source of income to support it. It will be adding extra services to help fund these
group of people who are much needed in the communities that can’t do the big jobs themselves.  These crews will be switch
around all year round while helping other sectors. The "Dog Tag" system will allow a worker to switch jobs and be place fast
because of their previous skills.

Recycling Team
Sorting through you trash and you trust them? Getting to know your neighborhood recycler, Here to serve you 12 months
out of the year. One step closer to helping keeping  your city allies clean from grass, trash and dirt.   This service provider
will come through before the trash collector  makes a mess.
The recycling teams will work up to 30 blocks a day. Removing and depositing you trash recyclable for separation process.
Pushing a stolen grocery cart around the city allies will not be the way we will handle the gathering method in the program.
We will be providing each service provider with a 3 cart system to allow them to transport and organize the items they
remove from your location. Each recycler will eventually be the same people who will be doing you block cleaning also.

We notice that most blocks will not be able to afford these services. So we are adding a secondary monitory collection
service to help with supplying much needed funds to help this project to be placed into neighborhoods that can t afford
them. Some of the monitory collection service will be all year round, but some are seasonal.

These are the same people who will be picking up the wrappers of the billion dollars companies packaging.

Neighborhood Construction
The Neighborhood construct team will consist of people from other department service when or if their service slows down or
a super BIG task comes along.  Putting a neighborhood in order will be a challenging task. Getting people to see a vision
that they never had in mind will be strenuous. This team will go into spots and work them until they are not needed any
more. Since most neighborhoods fell apart because of lack of resources and funds. We will need to help make our revenue
recovery teams big and abundant. That’s why our revenue recovery teams will be in so many different fields. Channeling
some of the revenue that is collected by major companies who supply us with goods and service only to leave the city with it.
neighborhood construction will be like a community hand out. Giving basic labor and construction service to help turn a
community around in hopes to share our vision with them of a wide open space. NO FENCING!

We understand that just spending the money is not always a good solution in small start ups.  Yes it will help get it started
but not keep it in a long jeopardy type of motion of growth. We designed small services to help us long the way. To build a
neighborhood is a great challenge to look forward to completion, so we hope to have the revenue at hand with no delay in
getting teams if needed. We strongly feel that these secondary support services will come in handy and once the people
understands that when they support our products and services you support you city and communities. Being able to start
and finish each project in this field is a must.  Extra funding must be there.

Neighborhood Designs
The Neighborhood design team will cover the look that most people think that the community should look like. There are
many different types of neighborhoods in the St. Louis community, Most will stay that way until the building are falling apart.
We only wish to develop neighborhood that need a new look so the surrounding communities can see how their communities
can look.
We understand that getting people to change is a tedious task.  We will design it, we will draw it. We will present it. It’s up to
the residents to okay the action then in the long run make their communities look better.

Shedding that old look and Creating a new look
Monetary Recovery Systems
We have designed small projects and services that will help us earn and make money to help support our other products
and services. This recovery system will allow us to collect and make money from the people to venture out to the store and
family snack time. We offer to meet the customers before they make it off the city block. The services we will provide are  
Donuts manufacturing, Potato chip manufacturing, Ice-cream  provider, Quick food curb service like , Pizza, Taco , Burritos,
and Chilly Dogs and French fries. All vendors’ carts will be designed by our design teams and artist.  We see that average
person making enough to support their families. In the up coming years, we will convert these vendors’ services and
products to a cash free system to help keep our vendors safe.

The employees who work these seasonal services will be moved to an inside job in renting or may be called on to attend a
inside event to help them keep working all year round. Some of the products and services provided are all year round
services except Ice cream vending. On the account to the cold season, but inside events may still occur.

We strongly need these monetary recovering system as a second life line to our much needed growth. Most of these system
are designed to work all year round with our special designed carts and scooters with heating systems built into them.  
system that will not last all year round is the Ice cream system.
Soon you will say good by to the loud generators running on top pf the old style food trucks.

Home Building  
ID&C has a Home building system the allows you to own your home after living in it and paying rent for 30 Years.
Our system will provide a source of rentable living in a comfortable setting.  We are looking to prefabricate our homes and
assemble on sight.  We will comply with City building codes to make this service work and work in a big way.
We are looking to do much of our fabrication and originating there. We see wood and materials coming into one dock
entrance and framed walls and pods coming out of the next.
Building homes to help house the Homeless and Baby Boomers in group settings will be the way of the future. In House
Nursing living with their clients will help channel most of the revenue back into the community and help cut government
spending on rental in traditional Nursing Homes.  

Business Structure
ID&C will offer business structure; we hope to have every lawn care service in their city under one rule of thumb. Be
registered as a same business and be able to provide it to the customers at a moment notice. We will offer a "DOG TAG"
system to help authorities and customers identify the skills and job of each industrial worker by these tags.  We will help
fellow service provider organize their work schedule and combine service with us.
We will offer advertisement and web sit help.

New Business Constructions & Designs
This service will apply to Signs Design, Logo designs, Building selection, Webpage designs, Post cards and Flyer designs.
Advertisement services like door to door contacts, product placement and add placement. ID&C can offer product
development and manufacturing referral.  We can design a product and build a service around it. . We can take existing
products and make them better.. Some US patent information and service will be provided also.

Advertisement & Information Service
At ID&C., we would like to put a big effort in spreading advertising information out in bundle. We feel if you going to put out
one piece of information to acquire service. Why not do the effort to dozens of other. Making the effort worth the time and
trip of visiting locations for more than just onee customer. Combine this service with any other existing paper route service  
will be a key to helping making this information spreading service work and in the most effective way possible.

Homeless Shelter Designs
ID&C has a “Chinese Sleeping Pod” System that can help end Homelessness in the city of St, Louis and also become a safe
haven for emergency housing.  We have designed a American sleeping pods. Will be much roomier and hold up to 4 family
members. We will also be introducing single person pods also. Please note that all pods, family pods come fully equipped
and furnished, with computer monitors, fold out cook wear, fold out furniture, These Pods can be assembled in tractor
trailers mobile or factories to a stable land location.

Winterization Team (Tax Break)
The Utilities are not going to get any cheaper. We all can agree on that. So we will develop a system that will help the
renters and home owners save on energy bill. We at ID&C have come up with a one step process that will allow us to not
need to tear down inner exterior walls to install installation. We will be happy to say we will not be renting those BIG TRASH
Containers. We will keep much of any wall up and intact . Liquid foam sprayed in to tight place and Finish Dry wall with
installation on the other side for inner exterior walls. These two process and products will help cut the time and construction
cost down. Simple wall covering will do the job.

ID&C working on a Window building Truck  that will allow us to measure  the window opening then put those measurements
into a computer program  to cut the window to fit the open framed space. This system will help factor out the length and
width of the entire window frame from the vinyl framing to the glass and it’s rubber seal right there on the spot. Assembled
by a trained specialist. On the spot just minutes after the measurements were taken. This takes out the factory, shipping,
storage and over head for each building. We will be able to remove a window and replace it with a newly constructed right
there on the spot.
Additional monitary funds will be needed to help produce these high end routing tools and programs.  Additional funds rising
will be needed. We have a system for placing those that wish to have a future in this field. We offer to switch rolls with many
different fields. We will be offering experience and knowledge in these fields for many years to come.

Alternative Transportation Service  
We think transportation will be the back bone in today’s new business. With out a way to get back and forth to work will make
or break your employment and keep you in as employees. Getting the worker to work and being able to handle other
personal business will been the worst way to travel. Relaying on jumping on and off the bus at any given time  and waiting
on the next can't stop us from where we need to go  with these project reliable transportation is needed and  the bus is not
it. We decided to supply the workers with a source of transportation to help them get around in this fast moving city.
We have came to an understanding that we could add two other services to this transportation section. We hope to also rent
out source of transportation and create a new all year round business with it. Adding vendor carts that have various brands
of goods and service on them to add to what could be a great business chain. We see this service recycling out these
vehicles and manufacturing them in five years in our own factory, with our own designs, various functions that serve the
worker that uses them.
We gave design our 50cc scooters with heaters so they can be driven all year round. No other bike has a heater system
build into it, but our product will, we have design a casing around the muffler so we can catch the ambient heat from around
it. Then we can channel the heat up in to a body suit or jacket.  AC system is the years to come.

Transportation will be key to help keeping this small business sector going. Being able to get around will help the business
grow. This sector is very much needed.  I can see the people standing out side waiting on a bus with the product and
services provides by the public Transportation. There are hardly any shelters to stand and wait in  when it’s freezing and
raining  this winter. ID&C will rent these 50 cc for the price of a monthly buss pass plus a security deposit. These first two
payments will cover the cost of the bikes up to 80%. All of ID&C renter bikes are rented for 30 days. We will provide
insurance. Or the renter can provide their own. All renter bikes will be designed  to stand out from other manufactures to
easy identification by eye. We will offer road side assistance and body repair with these services.  Our main goal is to create
That last and last all year round. Keeping the rider warm in the winter will be the key to a 12 month service. Being able to go
to the stop and shop on the way back home from work will be a great accomplishment. No more worry about a 2 hour
transfer running out.
We see locations sporadically around the St. Louis City area in the up and coming years.

An added service will be created to help disable people get around that can’t afford a power chair. We will have a rental
service for the surrounding St, Louis City nursing home that need power chairs. The price will be set as an group price if any
location will need them. We will offer the same type of roadside service as the 50 cc scooters.

Home laundry Service
Home Laundry service is just what it say. We found a number of women who are stay at home moms that are willing to help
create a small business that takes the burden off you back of getting into the car and going to the Best Laundry to wash
your clothes. This is not a task just for any one. These are seasonal people who read labels.  This service will pick up
clothing and drop them off. The customer can drop off or pick up.  Laundry will be set on a schedule so the workers will not
fall behind. Updating all workers equipment will be the first Job at hand. More bigger and efficient devices will be needed to
help keep energy coat down.
Transportation issue will need to be address and we have that issue solve. Each washer attendant employee will have
transportation to be able to get back and forth to complete the task of that day. It will be affordable and as green as possible.

Home Ironing Service
Ironing clothing is recognized as the best way to help clothing look great and last long. Working with the community we can
create a small company for the service like this. Having the proper tool for a select few who have the skill to humble
themselves and provide this service for you. A good sense of worth and pride will go into every stroke.
Being able to make it from location to location to perform this will take a source of Transportation. This is a well needed
service of lot of parents but affordability is a key issue in this matter. The service provider will have special design traveling
gear to help them with their day to day services.  These service providers will travel to each location or the customer can
pick up or drop off at a designated location.
Once again to make this type of program we need to make it affordable for the customer to make them want to try it again
and recommend it to others.  We see people giving this service to each other as gifts. .

Neighborhood Alley Service
Redesigning the city back yard is our goal. We see the back yard as the place to be in the up coming years. We see the old
way of men digging through the trash and making a big mess even after the city trash collector have had their way with it.
ID&C see the ally as a way to encourage the streets to make the change. We plan on keep the ally clean and trash free. We
will offer a trade off for total recycling of the communities in these programs. We offer to recycle news papers, glass, metal,
and plastic out of every trash can in the group and clean the allies up in the process.  We have simple carts to help the
collector perform this service quickly and efficiently.  A great neighborhood will need to start with a clean ally.

This service will be preformed as often as needed if the transportation is cost effective and affordable. We have designed
an added program to allow the community to help by being in a Power Block Group.  This will allow the residents of a
community to split the cost and give rights  to that chosen person who will keep their ally clean in return for the recycling  
goods. One Recyclers can cover up to 30 or more blocks in one day. This services provider comes through after the Trash
collector has made it's mess.

Neighborhood Pre buy Food Stores
This grocery store system is set up a little different than the big store chain where the store chain owned and sets the
prices. This service structure will be designed as follows.

You as a resident will be ask to donate food and to help fill up the shelves. For the spots on the shelves that can't get filled
with food we will use our monetary collection to help us acquire it. But know this system is design to grow and save you
money on food and shopping.

After the shelves have been filled,  we will allow people in our Power Block Community to shop with us.
Your first trip into the store will be explained to you prior to coming. You will be notified that if you shop today, the FOOD IS
FREE. But you can only take out what you can truly afford.
You will then be asked to swipe you card, Food stamps or Debit, Credit, we will hold that full sum for you until you shop next
Next month you can withdraw the food for the money you sent the last time you shopped. You will see the saving and huge
discounts when you come back to repeat the process. You will walk out with more bags that you did the first time. Then when
you came back the third time you will be able to go  with even more bags. The saving will keep piling up as you shop
because we will be buying the communities food in BULK. Shipping it  to the city with our Transportation specialist Troy

After about a year of doing this we will have build up a surpluses

VII. Budget and Narrative
We have selected three locations to create this project for the community

North Kingshighway Boulevard / San Francisco Avenue, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
1)        The approximate adddress Is the primary location for the Homeless Shelter and Emergency Shelter all aspects or this
operation can be carried out there.

736 North Kingshighway Boulevard, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
2)        Address is approximate this is the primary location for our construction and organizing of work forces. This location
will serve as the launching pad for the construction division. We can still use it for most of our primary functions.

1307 North Broadway, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
3)        Address is approximate This location is the primary location  for the Gaming  division, we can carry out all of our
primary function from this location

IDA&C As we grow and receive funding we will need all aspect of office equipment to be purchased. We will use our
knowledge of the community and shop at resale office and Hotel Furniture locations in the St. Louis Area.
We will need the following items.

Office Furniture and Equipment
Comfortable chair
File cabinets
Overhead and work lighting
Client seating
Fireproof safe
Desktop and pocket calculators
Postage meter
Office decorations
Labeling machine
Wall whiteboard and markers
Paper shredder
Photocopier/ Fax Machines
Recycling bin
Alarm system
Fire extinguisher
First-aid kit

Computer Hardware and Accessories
Desktop computer and monitor
Keyboard and mouse
Notebook computer

CD writer
PowerPoint projector
Digital camera
Handheld organizer
Surge protector
Computer locks

Computer Software
Word processing software

Virus protection software
Accounting software
Desktop publishing software

Contact management software
Website building and maintenance software
Payment processing software
E-commerce software
Inventory management software

Telephone line
Internet connection
Toll-free line
Desk telephone

Fax machine
Cordless telephone
Answering machine/service
Cordless headset
Tape recorder
Cellular telephone with internet features

General Office Supplies
Business cards
Imprinted advertising specialties
Postage stamps
Printer cartridges
CD and floppy disks
Pencils and pens
Printer paper
Cleaning supplies
Fax paper
File folders

Trucks for transporting our Walls, Windows, Bikes, Equipment, and most of all when we start these projects in nearby cities
and states.
We are looking to purchase 6 trucks that will earn revenue while we are setting up and waiting for our first shipment to come
to port.
Our truck driving specialist has over the road shipping and receiving experience. And
Setting up routes and delivery time lines.
The art department will design the logo for trucks and identification to save us money on the cost.

50cc bikes will be purchased from China. We hope to buy in bulk and save on shipping costs. We will just have the
Manufacture deliver them at the port and we will pick them up.  The following company will be our supplier.
BenZhou Vehicle Industry Group Co., Ltd

The first part of this a 4 stage plan funding to complete every aspect of this project. Without the funding this project will not

Our main goal is not just to make money but to create jobs. Auto makers will soon follow suit with recycling their product
every 10 years to keep the company going instead of making the product and just forgetting about them. We will be the
leader and innovators in building and destroying the product to create a better product.

Recycling what you would normally place in a junk yard or let sit up in your backyard is the best option in today’s Green
society. You must become leaders in this industry and ween ourselves from buying from foreign countries. Creating jobs that
will sustain themselves, by purchasing our products, will create a strong following. Offering a less expensive option for
transportation with some of the comforts of a car is the GREEN way to go.  

(Projecting short- and long-term goals)
Our mission at ID&C is to start in with the Ice cream Carts in three major cities Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago. We want
to have up to 150 carts working in these cities to generate revenue to be reinvested in 3 other cities that will follow the same
start up process every 2 weeks.  
By mid summer we want to be in over 50 major cities on our list that follows.  In two years we want to be a stable name in
every house hold for great services and job creations in today’s markets. The plan is to be in
251 major cities and their
surrounding counties in 2 years. With the US unemployment rate at its present state finding good reliable experienced
workers to run, manage and work for our new company will be not problem.
The major goal is to start with 150 workers and turn them into over 600 stable jobs. Some jobs will be seasonal and some
will be all year round. Most of our vendor’s jobs workers will make up to $2,000 monthly. This company will be a hot
commodity and a great asset to the United States and getting out of this unemployment slump.
We the people can help make this work.
1        New York
New York
2        Los Angeles
3        Chicago
4        Houston
5        Phoenix
6        Philadelphia        Pennsylvania
7        San Antonio
8        San Diego
9        Dallas
10        San Jose
11        Detroit
12        San Francisco
13        Jacksonville
14        Indianapolis        Indiana
15        Austin
16        Columbus
17        Fort Worth
18        Charlotte
North Carolina
19        Memphis
20        Boston d[›]
21        Baltimore f[›]
22        El Paso
23        Seattle
24        Denver
25        Nashville e[›]
26        Milwaukee
27        Washington
District of Columbia
28        Las Vegas
The listing above will be continued at the end of this proposal. Thank you.

Provide information directly to potential customers, by approaching them at bus stops and train stations.
•        Offering them a way out of waiting in the rain, heat, cold and snow.  
•        A quicker way to and from work.
•        Provides opportunity to stop at stores.
•        Something the public transportation doesn’t offer.
•        2 hour bus ticket is limited and requires additional funds to continue.
•        Bike rental allows more freedom to stop and go as you wish, without the wait and extra money spent.
•        50cc bikes gets up to 100 miles on one tank of gas.

The ice cream carts will offer children the best choice in flavors, the best quality and value, which mom and dad will love.
The days of scooped ice cream are back. The mass-produce products of today will take a back-seat to our designer ice
cream cones.  We will offer .50 cones, $1.00 cones and $3.00 bananas splits.  We have priced the competition’s products
and they do not compare to what we will be providing. Initial promotion we will pass out foam balls to children, with company
logos at various places that kids play/hang out at.  Just by returning the toy to the vendor they will receive a free treat.  A
child’s dream will come true.
This is a win-win program with the rental. We will rent the bikes out for the price of the bike. Each bike will cost us $300 each
when we buy in bulk. It will be $99.00 for the first month rent and a $200 security deposit.  We will recouped 100% of the
price of the bikes and make $99 each month after. The security deposit will be returned when the bike is returned
undamaged. If the renter fails to pay that month rental fees, we will deduct that payment from the security deposit until the
last of the $200 is all used up. Then we will go in to the repossession stage of the program to retrieve the bike. Contracts will
be sign between ID&C and the renter stating this.
ID&C will offer road side assistance, wich will include Broken bikes, Break repair, 2 refillings on location if you run out of gas
(gas price  will vary) collision repair and loaner bikes when the bike needs repair.

Bikers Safety
We at ID&C will put together a safety video that each potential renter will need to watch that will help them be safe on the
roads. This video will explain how to stay safe and what they should and should not do when operating our bikes.  A signed
agreement will be signed to state that they have seen this video. If possible we will get each video in each state backed by
that state Governor and state’s seal for the DMV endorsing the video safety requirements.  

States Vehicle Requirements
Each state driving requirement may vary. Some states ask that the driver of any motorized bike have that states driver’s
license. We at ID&C will require all of our users to obtain a Motorcycle Drivers license or Permit to show that they have
knowledge of the rules of that state roads and safety requirements.

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

With the price of gasoline sky rocketing, more and more people are turning to riding scooters as a mode of transportation.
This is a growing market that will only get bigger. We want to enter this market to help improve and also expand it by offering
a warm affordable ride in the winter and a cool ride in the summer. With our invention to keep riders warm/cool, it will open
the market up and become a more reliable option for individuals. This invention allows riders to use scooters all year round.

With the struggling economy, cities are making cuts to make their budget. Public transportation is one of them. Bus stops
are no longer providing shelter from the elements. Most bus riders walk three blocks to get to the bus stop and have to wait
for the next bus. Renters will spend more time doing and being productive, instead of wasting time waiting for the bus.

Bad weather is bad for all ice cream vendors, for the big gas guzzling trucks and vans as well as for us. We will accept the
slow days with the good, but one advantage we will have over them is the ID&C “Buzzer Tone”. This buzzer tone device will
allow our vendors to go to high-rise buildings, housing complexes, businesses, schools and hotels, with the hit of one button
call everyone down to the cart. This device works as a pager and will have menus attached to them, so people will already
know what’s available. While others are sitting and waiting for customers to hopefully come, we are letting our customers
know when we are in their area. Most hotels will love to add this product to their amenities.

Supply Vehicles
A route  for the supplying  carts will be mapped out in each city and county to help the Vendor out with re stocking of the
items that they run out of. The vendor  will just need to call in what they have ran out of any item to help prevent them from
the long return trip back to the station to re stock.  Each vendor will be able to drop off any cash with the re stock
vehicle in a  sealed envelope and placed into a lock box with that vendor signature on it.

There are no rental bike companies in the St. Louis, area. Most bikes are for sale and no roadside services. We will be the
first to create an all year round bike service with road side assistance.

Our Vendors will provide a special service to all customers that will be a cut above the rest. No more loud generators and
terrible fumes polluting our city streets. Just a 50cc bike that uses dry Ice to keep the product frozen for the customer.

PRODUCTS OR SERVICES: Roadside assistance will be for those that run out of gas or has a damaged bike. Loaner bikes
will be provided for damaged/broken bikes. We will offer safety classes for our rental bikes.  Safety First.

The vendor Carts will offer more than just one flavor.  We will offer up to 4 flavors to our customers and possibly a diabetic
ice cream, for the growing number of diabetics in the nation’s cities.  We will offer a link to each city on a web site so the
public can VOTE for the flavors that each cart will carry.  The customers will have a voice.

LOCATION: Each location for rentals will be offered when we are stocked with the first group of rental bikes. These locations
will be specified at a later date. In addition to this topic we see that most of the rental property charges an average of $7 per
sq foot at around 1000 sq feet to rent. Spending $7000 each month for rental is a bit high for this start up business. We see
it cheaper to just build a facility for around $30,000 or less. In the rental business for store front locations for one year
comes out to around $7,000 per month, if you add in security deposit the yearly total comes out to be $91,000 yearly. We
find that unacceptable. It will be simpler to build or buy a building to house our Rental bikes.

The vendors ice cream will be located at the cities public storage facilities throughout the city and counties we start up in.  
This is to keep the overhead down. We will use refrigerated trucks to keep the supplies frozen to help in overhead and
hunting for a building with a walk in freezer. These trucks will be maintenance free not like a building where your responsible
for keeping the freezer frozen.   We will plug these trucks into a power post that we will have installed and powered by the
local electric companies.  All we need is a Post to attach the meter to then power will be supplied to power the trucks.Note: If
location is important to marketing, cover in Part II - The Marketing Plan.
PLAN Attorney will be acquired to help with legal contracts for Vendor carts and Rental Bikes. The chosen law firm will be
discussed at a later date.
•        Describe your legal structure and why it is an advantage  for your company.
List owners and/or corporate officers describing strengths (include resumes).

MANAGEMENT PLAN: In the start up phase we will have myself with the hiring and organizing of the first few locations and
employment. We will create a 12 personal learn while you work team to help with the start of new locations through out the
Unite states. The chosen few will work close with us in learning the laws of each city, county and state  we will open up
offices in.  They will be trained in hiring, location, and supplying each location with the products we will be offering to the
public.  Each future employee will become managers of the districts will be assigned to governor over. Managers, district
managers, and regional manager will be put in place. We see a total of over 6000 employees in two years bringing in an
average of $2,000 each employee monthly. That comes out to $108,000,000 yearly based on 9 month running each year.

PLAN ID&C will do simple job fairs and with the help of each city Career center Unemployment office location as the meeting
place to help cut down on running ads and buying rental locations to do hiring in the start up phase of this employment
PLAN; These position will be filled when we are up and running in over 6 major cities. We see ourselves up and running in 6
major cities in 30 days.  Before this time we will have this duty for ourselves.
All Future manager will need to put in a daily report of all funds made. When it comes to ordering supplies, Managers will be
taught on who and where to order. All payments will be sent out of the main office. Websites will be provided to help this
operations go as smooth as possible.  Each city and State will have a special website designed offering employees and
customers a way of contacting who they may need to talk or communicate with.

All containers will be weighed for missing product. Each container will have a set weight when it is purchase. We will deduct
the amount in each container when they are turned in at the end of each day. A Half scoop is equal to a whole scoop.  
Cones will be counted at the end of the day and compared with the missing inventory along with any money turned in.
Payment will be passed out the next work day to vendors.

•        Address security in terms of inventory control and theft of information (online and off).
Buying in bulk is our key to great pricing to customers and buyers. This method will be applied to any product we buy in start
up  and during the daily running of the business
Start up business will cost $7 million dollars. Each city can have up to 15 employees, earning up $2,000 the first month
running. Then 3X's the jobs each month after we can possibly make the completed $250,000.00 dollars back in less than 90
Vendors Tools and training= $150,000.00
Supplies for Vendor carts $15,000.00
Post cards Advertisement (Menu of product selections) $12,000.00
Fuel and transportation (rental car, cabs) $2,500.00
Decoration for vendors Tools $5,000.00
Insurance DOT and Licensing $18,750.00
Misalliance and moving to the Next city county $10,050.00
Trip to Check on Manufacture and Product inspection $6,000.00
Vendors Carts, Lights, Trailer Hitch assembly, retractable stools $25,000.00
Custom made uniforms so our workers can stand out. $3,300.00
Storage and Freezers ,$3,400.00

We will be self sufficient in 60 days. We need to count up to 30 days for not being able to work out doors. We will hold
special events for the vendors to keep working
Like Return toys for FREE Ice Cream.  Menus & Buzzer for high-rise buildings. ID&C might be able to add in 25 more
employees along with the125

Ice Cream; Pulled by 50cc scooters estimated between 10 to 100 jobs

Donuts; Donuts carts pulled by 50cc carts. Hot oil in splash proof buckets heated by Propane cylinders. The Donut mix will
be a special batter mixes with CO2 so that it can be shot out of a gun and expand quickly in the hot oil. Estimated 50 Jobs

Pizzas; Will be made with pre cooked dough flatten out and made to the customers request. .The ovens will be on 50 cc
carts and heated with propane tanks. ID&C will design a two oven system.
Water; If you haven’t heard but St. Louis has some of the best tasting water in the country. We will purify the water and
bottle it to have it shipped all over the US.  We will design a cart to keep the H2O cold for the customer’s pleasure and thirst.
. Estimated 25 jobs

General house hold disposable products that are green for the environment supplied by Melaleuca, Inc
3910 S. Yellowstone Hwy
Idaho Falls, ID 83402 U.S.A.
1 (208) 522-0700
QUICK OVERVIEW OF OUR House hold Product line supplier. We at ID&C will join forces with Melaleuca and receive a
buyers discount and in return the customers will receive a better discount.

Corporate Headquarters
Melaleuca is a different kind of company. Our unique wellness products will always be a better value than grocery store
brands. Why? Because we are the manufacturers and the retailers of our products. We eliminate costly middlemen. Our
products aren't burdened by retailer markups. We don't pay for expensive advertising. Instead, we offer superior products at
a better price. Here are only a few examples of the dollars you save by shopping with Melaleuca month after month.

We Deliver Wellness!
We develop, manufacture and sell over 350 of the world's leading wellness products for your home and family. We carefully
craft products you use everyday with the highest standards of safety, health, and wellness in mind. Take a look at a few of
our amazing products!
Simply Switch Stores
Don’t spends more money, spend less at our store!
Discovering Melaleuca is like finding a new store with better products at a better value. You're not adding to your monthly
shopping budget, just taking a portion of what you already spend at the grocery store and spending it more wisely.
Safer for Your Home
Better for Your Family
Our EcoSense cleaning products are safer for your home. We use naturally derived ingredients with no chlorine bleach,
ammonia, or formaldehyde. You'll see that our products are more effective, safer, better for the environment and  save you
We Are the Cleaner
Greener Company
Our Focus Has Always Been on Environmental Wellness
At Melaleuca, we were green long before being green was popular. For 25 years, we've been leading the way in selling
concentrated products and preserving nature's resources. Listen to how we lead the way in environmental wellness.
We at ID&C will design a split cart that can be open for display. The carts will be able to split open so we can display all of
our merchandise. Tracking devices will be placed on each cart so that the customer can be able to track our location when
we are in their location. . Estimated 1400 Jobs

Please note that these jobs are based in 251 major cities and do not includes the surrounding counties. The surrounding
counties will draw the numbers up much higher.

Target Market (identifies with demographics, psychographics, and niche market specifics)
.: Sales  of  goods and services all based around 50cc scooters bikes.  
Competition (describe major competitors assessing their strengths and weaknesses.
: Most or the rental business are not in renting BIKES that use gas.
Market Trends (identify industry trends and customer trends)
Just about everyone love or ask to have Ice cream. We will be specializing in Designer Ice Cream Cones and Sundaes.  
Green is the way to go along with keeping our over head down.  
Market Research
If most Americans can save buck or two,  most likely they will, If you can offer them a way and bring it to their door steps or
place of business.  It’s most likely that  they will spend with you. We will bring almost everything that we as American enjoy to
those people door step.  The word of mouth will help bring the news.

Direct marketing by new employees will help keep the price down.  Post card flyers with buyers discount will be the key to
drawing in all of our new customers.  All Flyer designs will be don’t in house by our in House Graphic artist.  Hand outs and
on the spot samples of most of all of our products.

Example 1: Sponge toys with the company name on them will allow children to hold on to them to redeem free produce.

Example 2: Post cards menus with product photos and pricing on them in hotels and High-rise building will give the customer
first hand look and style of what they will be purchasing. (Quick note: The Buzzer Tone  will be introduced to Public and
County schools systems to allow the School Bus  to call the kids out  when the bus arrives)

Example 3: can help show you how hand out will help people compare what they usually buy to Green
products. Most people who will be receiving Green information will be introduced to this type of product for the first time.
Sample of the product can be back up wit ha 100% money back guarantee that Melaleuca offer with all or their products.

Example 4: When mid summer passes and colder weather set in we will have sales people to go out in the A.M and P.M to
visit the people on the bus stops all around the major cities to allow them to feel the Heat of the Bike heaters. This will allow
them to see what they are missing while standing out in the cold waiting on that bus to come. Pamphlets will be pass out to
allow them to see where they can go and rent a 50 cc bike in their  city and counties.

This is a win-win program
Let’s say we purchase 150 50cc scooters wich can sale on the market between $1,000 and $1,200 each. If we put them on
the market to sale we can make 100% of the money we spent in the venture back through liquidation. There will be no losing
in this venture.

Mr. Long Arm will be the company that will be manufacturing the special design set poles for our carts. The information
below is about the manufacturing plant and company.  

Art work by ID&C

Art work by ID&C

The following is what we submitted to Pepsi.   Pepsi told us that we could not enter their contest because we would make too
much money with this idea. We were offered to enter next month 12/1/2013 We will try but the fact still remains that we will
make an average of $6,000,000 by years end in profits.

Hi from Tyrone
I have a passion to create new jobs and
I enjoy solving problems; I enjoy the task and challenge
I can create over 600 new jobs in 12 months
We have the product and the resources to accomplish this task

We just need financing

I run Fatt Trixx and Inventions Designs & Concepts

Create125 new Jobs with every $2,000 we receive form $250,000
Turn 125 jobs into 3300 jobs in 250 major cities and surrounding sites
Bring the Tool and devices together to create Job’s with good ideals.
Bringing Designer Ice Cream to your cities and create Jobs $ revenue.
Bringing Designer Ice Cream to your cities and create Jobs $ revenue.

Finance, Create, Accomplish, Repeat it will be the word of the day

We at ID&C have a very good program that would create 125 jobs then Finance, Create, Accomplish, Repeat it

We offer to create 1(one) new job here in the USA for every $2,000 USD we raise. YES you read it correctly for every
$2,000 we raise we will create 1 Job

Join in USA

By not just giving the money away we can create thousands of Jobs
Workers will make money the first day out and as a team will make 100% of the
investment back the first 90 days

Then repeat it in 250 cities in the USA

We are problem solvers and we have solved it

For those interested in this project we can tell you this
We can turn 3300 jobs into 6000+ by mid summer

Start up business will coast $250.000.Each City can have up to 15 employees Earning up $2,000 the first month running
Then 3X the Jobs each month after we can possible make the complete $250K back in less than 90 days
Then return the
Favor to Pepsi
Votes are donations
Vendors Tools and training 150.000
Supplies for Vendor carts 15.000
Post cards Advertisement (Menu of product selections) 12.000
Fuel and transportation (rental car, cabs) 2.500
Decoration for vendors Tools 5000
Insurance DOT and Licensing 18.750
Misalliance and moving to the Next city county 10.050
Trip to Check on Manufacture and Product inspection 6000
Vendors Carts, Lights, Trailer Hitch assembly, retractable stools 25.000
Custom made uniforms so our workers can stand out. 3300
Storage and Freezers 3400

We will self sufficient in 60 days
We need to count up to 30 days for not being able to work out doors

We will hold special events for the vendors to keep working
like Return toys for FREE Ice Cream
Menus & Buzzer for hi-rise buildings
We might be able to add in 25 more employees along with the125

We at my home are banking a Extra $1,000 each month due to cut backs.
We also asked
To Donate Votes to help out and founds if they have it.

We are inviting men and women with a 2010 Tax return to join in their cities.

Votes are Donation
Vote 4 Us

Founding & FINANCING to get started. Money follows money. 08/31/2010
CREATE the Vendor tools to h get people to work with02/07/2011
ACCOMPLISH all tasks relating to different city laws. 02/28/2011
REPEAT the process the more smoothly the next time. 04/20/2011
Making the dead line for Spring 201103/20/2011
Being able to set up two cities each week to start working

No supporting communities and lack of support.
People who this do not affect not helping
Unforeseen Home issues that may come up
People that are so caught up in today's problem being too busy.
A "Ice Age" in the summer of 2011.. lol

Thanks, Tyrone!
We've received your idea, "Creating 125 New jobs for the Spring of 2011 that pays $2,000 monthly." We are reviewing it
Mark your calendar. On the first day of next month, we'll let you know if your idea is approved. After that you can begin
promoting your idea for a chance at a grant worth $250,000.

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Listing of all the Major cities in the Unites States that we are planning to offer our services to help create job as asked by the
President of the United States.  

This is a rendering of our Hot water Tank design  by ID&C  We are  working on plains to install on of these in ever house we
build  for the next 50 years
These Tanks will help your AC unit run more efficient and heat you hot water at the same time.  No more out side AC units
being stolen for the copper.  We hope to assemble these products in the next 3 years as the program grows.

This is
CAD render of one of our Vender cart designs by ID&C

These carts are deigned for Ice Cram Venders. Venders can make up to $2000 a month with these carts. The folding table
legs has bar stools on the lower leg or the extension poles. The leg fold out and the stoop flip out.  These legs will hold up to
250lbs each.

BenZhou Vehicle Industry Group Co., Ltd

Add.:   XinQian Industrial Area, Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, P.R.China
Tel:   0086-576-84357288/84716005/84358999
Fax:   0086-576-84358998
Email ( For Gasoline/Hybrid ) :
Email ( For Electric/Hybrid ) :
P.C.:   318020

BenZhou Vehicle Industry Group is very conveniently located. By car it is 4 hours' distance from Shanghai, 1 hour's distance
from Wenzhou Airport, 100 minutes' distance from Ningbo Airport and 20 minutes'distance from the Huangyan ( Taizhou )

There are many flights from Shanghai, Beijing, Hongkong, Shenzhen & Other cities to Wenzhou, Ningbo & Huangyan Airport
everyday. Once you tell us the time you arrive ahead of schedule, we will arrange someone to pick you up.

This is the design of the 50cc scooter we will be ordering to pull our carts and for rental purposes.

This is a 3D rendering of a 3 passenger system. We will be deigning a cart for recycling division, Pick up and drop off
Division, The service division will have
carts that can carry Ironing boards

ID&C has the vender section secures; we will manufacture good quality dependable carts to serve the purposes of the

ID&C will be deigning a 3 passenger bike for single families that can’t get around. Most people now days spend up to $10 to
get a ride from the groceries store and back home with all their bags.  This product will allow them to move around freely.
How  to Get
Video Doe $$$
Post and  let it
Click here

Post & Play
then get PAID
See how we
plain on
10% of  the
The first year
25% the year

In your city
See how we
plain on
collecting  10%
of  the
The first year
25% the year

In your city

Opening up
Rental  shops
all around
You city
How  to Get
Video Doe $$$
Post and  let it
Click here

Post & Play
then get PAID
See how we
plain on
10% of  the
The first year
25% the year

In your city
See how we
plain on
collecting  10%
of  the
The first year
25% the year

In your city

Opening up
Rental  shops
all around
You city
Free Energy   5 Tank System
Free Energy 5 tank system
that can power a HOUSE.
Side 5 tank system
Free Energy Split 2 tank
system that can power a
Tank in action view
Free Energy split 2 tank
system  uses Hydrogen
Go see 4,000 Jobs
Go see  5,000 Jobs
Go See 2,000 Jobs
Go see 4,000 Jobs
Go see  5,000 Jobs
Go See 2,000 Jobs
3 passenger hydrogen & gas powered 50cc scooters. $99,00 a month rental so
you can stop and go as many times you need between work and home .
Replicatebel in 250 U.S
Now accepting